RoF 27/05

Bank Holiday Day off :slight_smile:

Who’s up for some RoF tonight?

I’m in!


Sign me up for the flying :slight_smile:

I would like to join the ROF sqn too.

Is it tonight or tomorrow? I know you usually fly Mondays but 27th is Tuesday.
Either way, I will be playing ROF both days anyhow :slight_smile:

Sorry chaps can’t make it.

Give 'em hell


I’m in!!! hope not too late…

I wasn’t able to connect to your teamspeak channel because of insufficient premissions…probably because I was too late…sorry for that, I had hard day and I was looking forward to fly with you tonight but didn’t have chance to sign up earlier…I hope for next week. I realize that it’s still harder and harder to find some free time for this hobby…maybe I should start looking for better job because I’m realy exhausted :frowning:

Bad luck Jojko.

Didn’t see this post until too late.

The teamspeak thing is down to permissions. We’ll try and get that fixed for you.

Remarks on flight and hostile aircraft

This mission was flown by Flt Lt Puff
Fg Off Whiskey Bravo
Plt Off Brigstock
Plt Off Cyclops

The mission was flown from Baizieux aerodrome.

Successes include the following:
Fokker Dr.I shot down by Plt Off Brigstock
Fokker Dr.I shot down by Plt Off Cyclops