RoF 27/01

I might not be able to do the mission.
Me Boys going in to hospital to get his adenoids removed.
Simple procedure in the Out Patients day ward.

He should be as good as gold by 9 tomorrow and I’ll get on.
If not, though, I’ll have to postpone until next week, I’ll know later tomorrow for definite

Np mate, hope all goes well with young Brigs :slight_smile:

I’m in if we’re on.

Hope all goes well with Mini-Brigs!


Sorry I’m out if it is on, I’m working the late shift.

Hope it went well for little Brigs.


Sorry Chaps.

I’m going to stay offline tonight.

Just got in with the Boy.
All went well. But being up at 5 and sitting around a South London Hospital all day has taken it’s toll

OK mate no worries. Wishing you and your boy a speedy recovery.


Oh, I had this at sylvester-evening. All the best to the kid and get some sleep.

Poor lad. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Thanks Chaps.

The OP went OK, although I found watching him being anethatised quite traumatic. Didn’t expect that reaction.

He’s developed a chest infection. Which is a slight concern.
He’s milking it though :slight_smile:
Set himself up on the couch with pillows and a blanket. TV under his control and hand held gaming at the ready.