RoF 25/11

It’ll be quite a show tonight.
PWCG has been updated to ver 15 and it’s quite a challenge.

Get your wills in order and sign up below


I’m in, subject to any last minute hitches.


I’m in.

Yep. I’m in.


Apologies for last nights early termination of the mission.
Me boy went to bed and turned his pc off, even though I had told him to leave it up.

I’m going to have a look at tweaking the settings a little morte as it was starting to get a bit laggy once eveything started to turn up.

One positive is that you got to see how aggressive the new mission AI are.

Offline it feels very much like online play, so we should start seeing some very challenging missions coming up as the war draws to a close. Especiially once the Fokker DVII’s start turning up.