RoF 22/04

Postponed due to 777 tampering with shit that don’t need changing

There is an update being prepared that is due on Monday.
It was supposed to be on Friday but went wrong. This doesn’t bode well for us and the campaign.

For now the mission is still on, however if the master is still down when we get online, then obviously we will need to postpone.

All that said if you are up for a little skirmish and the servers are all up.
Take the Kings shilling and plonk your signature on the line …


On standby


On leave


sure I’m in, I’m always in :slight_smile:

Working again. Sorry. :frowning:


Out this week.

Mark me as in …but I have issues with the damn PC at the moment…hope to have it fixed by Monday night

Family over so sharing the room with the baby, so flying but hand signals only :slight_smile:

Put me down.


You’ve got a small cock!


Sign me up please Brigs.


Have a hospital appointment so will be on if I can but might still be waiting there for the machine by 21:00…

Can I have a Pup spare in case I make it?

Won’t make it, system is being a cunt…I now can’t connect to my router or Internet

Are we flying this tonight since the release of the mini patch/hot fix?

I have updated my copy.


I’ve updated but now can’t get online as no master servers - looks like IL2 tonight for me

Yep, just tidying up the mission.

My game is updated too.

Slight issue with the the splash screen for the game launcher. telling me I haven’t a internet connection.
But the game launches OK and I can see multiplayer servers.

So it’s going to be business as usual my end

Can’t get the store, won’t let me go online, just says I have no internet connection looks like I’m stuffed :frowning:

A bit of an own goal on this patch :slight_smile:

Will try again


No go for me I’m stuffed until they fix the fix :slight_smile:


Says I’m not online as well.

But if I go in and login in it’s all working

Well it looks like I’m down too. It was all up 10 minutes ago.

Let’s postpone tonight, I see problems later if we don’t

Tried that not working here, just the messages and I can’t even log in for offline mode.


Don’t fix what don’t need fixing.

Who needs a league table for fighting a role playing WWI sim anyway.