RoF 15/04

Roll up roll up…

Brigs (Camel)
Baz (Pup)
Keets (Camel)
Puff (Pup)
WB (Pup)
Splash (Camel)
Yoyko (in SE5)
Meako (Camel)
Marsh (Camel)
Swoop (Camel)

With 8 in and Yoiks in an SE5 only Baz is in a Pup. Which I think he prefers

Of course this will change if more sign up.

EDIT: Marsh is in

Baz is in a Pup but WB and Puff are equal in rank and kills So Camel goes to WB based on Campaign points. One more in will see WB in a Pup

EDIT: Swoops in, sorry WB :slight_smile:

Prep’ my Pup please Brigs. I’d like to fly.


Yep. 10 char, ra ra ra

Gets me Pup ready then { cant wait to get the bloody camels back }

I’m in. Do we have a full compliment of Camels yet or do we still have lots of Pups to use up?


We have 6 Camels available until the end of the month, when will fully convert.

The 6 we have will be allocated on the basis of rank and kills.

If we go over 6 pilots for the mission… I’m afraid Baz, Puff and WB it doesn’t look like you’ll be seeing a Camel pit for a while yet :wink:


I worked out why I was spinning so much in my last Camel mission. I had moved my rudder pedals and wasn’t getting full deflection. Put them back to where they were and haven’t had any such issues since.

At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


I’m not disappointed, I prefer the Pup and as I can’t hit the side of a barn (albeit a Central Powers barn… a flying Central Powers barn :p) that’s lucky! :slight_smile:


I’m in


put me in the list too…and if there is such a problem with Camels, can I get the S.E.5???

Im in is it 9.30 start ?

Yep 21:30

Should be good for this as well.

I’m in Brigs mate

Sorry Chaps, when RoF is playing up it plays up properly.

This mission was flown by Captain Brigstock, Lieutenant Splash, Lieutenant Swoop, 2nd Lieutenant Puff, 2nd Lieutenant Baz, 2nd Lieutenant Whiskey Bravo, Captain Jojko, 2nd Lieutenant Keets, 2nd Lieutenant Meako and 2nd Lieutenant Marsh flying from Mont St. Eloi aerodrome.
Successes include the following:
Albatros D.Va destroyed by Lieutenant Splash
Pilots lost were:
Captain Brigstock: Killed in Action

I’ve run the result through the campaign anyway and will generate a new mission for next week.

Stats updated on the 92 site

Looks like they’re doing some work in preparation for an update Brigs, so your server crash last night might be related?


I won’t miss that wind, I was really surprised how much it effected my plane with FF. Turning was much harder, causing me do slower turns and even stall turns, both not good when dog fighting. I got wounded after getting out turned by an Alb and was thinking this wasn’t going to well when Brigs tripping over the plug saved the day :slight_smile: