RoF 13/01

Roll up, roll up… come and join the circus


Keets, Jojko - on leave

Sign me up, go to try out the new extension for the warthog :slight_smile:

I’m in.


I’m sorry, I’ve got night shift…not flying tonight

It is with regret I inform you that A-Flight failed to return from yesterday’s patrols.

Flight Lieutenant Whiskey Bravo, Flying Officer Puff and Pilot Officer Brigstock are missing presumed dead.

The Observer Corps reports that A-flight met a significant flight of Fokker DR1’s over no mans land, just west of Lens. Plt Off Brigstock fell to the guns of a DR1 and was seen to lose a wing. Flt lt Whiskey and Fg Off Puff collided. No remains have been recovered and it is believed all 3 perished. At least 2 Fokkers where destroyed in the dogfight

On the upside they have been replaced by 3 fresh faced Pilots straight off the boat :slight_smile:

OH man, that must been fun!!! can§t wait to fly next week…