RoF 10/02

Who’s in for tonight

Bear in mind we are now using the refined ver 1 pack and Pafs Arras Mod.
Reference this post for details

Jojko - SE5

Sorry chaps, working again. :frowning:


I’ll be there :slight_smile: please give me my S.E.5 :slight_smile:

I’ll be there…Se 5’s have all been blown up by the Hun, you have to use an old Morane parasol this time Jojko :slight_smile:

The problem with the SE5 is that it is no good for dogfighting against DR1’s and DVa’s we are facing at the moment.
It’ll be handy to have once the DVII’s turn up, but until then it just means we’re a man down when the fur ball starts.

My reason to choose S.E.5 was to chase down planes in distance and its high effectivenes against two-seaters, and offcourse ability to say goodbye and go home alive…but if you prefer homogeneous formation of aircraft I’m okay with Camel… I just want to be as much useful as possible, you know :wink:

Since the last major update from PWCG the AI have become very aggressive
When we run into a Jasta, we need all hands on deck.

Like never before, when we run into a Jasta we don’t come away unscathed.

We will probably be just 3 of us tonight. If we run into a flight of 6, we all need to be effective or we’ll lose pilots.

OK Brigs, no problem for me. I’ll fly Camel

Still a no for me. Decorating is now all but finished. A lot will depend on how long it takes to get my pit/desk sorted as I need a better, smaller and tidier solution than the huge “work” desk I used to have.

Can’t wait to fly from Paf’s bases, they look fantastic.