RoF 07/04

Feeling a bit rough today, but I’m in. Who else?


Sorry, working.


I’m in.

I’m in!

Working again. :frowning:


Im in as well :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, i cant make it tonight

Remarks on flight and hostile aircraft

This mission was flown by Sqn Ldr Keets
Fg Off Puff
Plt Off Brigstock

The mission was flown from Mont St. Eloi aerodrome.

Successes include the following:
Albatros D.Va shot down by Sqn Ldr Keets
Albatros D.Va shot down by Sqn Ldr Keets
Albatros D.Va shot down by Fg Off Puff
Albatros D.Va shot down by Fg Off Puff
Pilots lost were:
Plt Off Brigstock: Killed in Action

Killed again :frowning:

More News from the front

Keets is awarded a Bar for his DFC
and Puff is now a Flt Lt :slight_smile:

Was a nice mission, liked the sneaky Hun trying to get Keets when he was trying to land lol

Wasn’t so good for me.

Felt a little under the weather and stalled twice, second one to my death.

Unusual for me, I haven’t stalled the Camel in months!

Last few missions have been a nightmare!

Sorry Brigs, didn’t mean it was a good result for the mission, meant its nice the way Pats Generator throws stuff in when you least expect it!

sorry for my absence guys, I was about to fly that night but something unexpected came along so I had to leave it. Next monday I will not be able to fly too, because of night shift so maybe monday 21. Anyway, I hope to meet you on saturday Bloody April.