RoF 03/03

Monday Mission

Who’s in


Sign me up Brigs…and just asking, are we going to be using the Arras mod from the RoF mod site now…its the J5 and Paf one that has been completed?


I’ll need to check that out first to make sure the PWCG template works with it.
It should be good to go. But I need to check it.

If I update anything I’ll always let the chaps know beforehand.

Just updating for the sake of it has caused us problems in the past

I’m in…

Np :slight_smile:

I’m in.


Not this week, I’ll be back next week.

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger :slight_smile:

Yep I’m in


I’ve got a feeling tonight’s mission will be scrubbed.

Seems like the ROF servers aren’t playing ball, I can’t even log in and comes up with the Master server connection error.


yep, unless the master server can be reached it’s off.
Read on the RoF board today a major internet route into Russia is via Kiev

EDIT: Keep trying though, as long as you can see the server the master we’re on.
We dont rely on it for gamepaly.

Master is acting more flaky than totally down. Just Managed to just log in

Is TS down too?

Well, 21:38 I lost connection with EAF Teamspeak, other channels as J5 or Syndicate work, but EAF doesn’t…something is going on :frowning:

Even TS couldn’t connect after we called it off. If World War 3 gets in the way of my online gaming there’ll be hell to pay!!


Just as I logged into RoF and loaded mission