RO, when are you normally on?

Thats it, cos i can never find any of you except for PeeGee, whom i’ve found three times.

and i’m never off it!

Well you weren’t on this morning at approx 12.30am. :wink:

EGF_Keets - usually Friday night, early Saturday morning. Whether I can shoot straight depends on whether the beer tokens have been spent.

The other week, Painter, Meako, Splash, me and a few others that I can’t remember were online all on comms at 1.30am Saturday morning.

Right now! :smiley: I dont see any other EAFer’s tho? I stay on TS easy way to know when Im on.

Im on RO daily look for EGF_Meako

Have been playing AA instead of this since 2.7 came out.

Playing the new co ops or the old maps?

Old style maps still for me,…i love Urban Assualt, Hospital and Border.

I love it, but since I recently formatted, havent loaded the game back up. Will be on again in a day or so as EGF Peacemaker. Im a keeper on this particular one.

Monday and thursday after training I can be found venting my frustration in RO, and you may find me on a friday/saturday night until the early hours. Normally before playing I log into TS to see if anyones about and generally leave it on in case someone else logs in.

Add EGF_Classic to your buddies list.

Be shooting you soon :smiley: or at least shooting somewhere in your immediate vicinity if the beer has been left on :wink:

Me and Classic make a mean tank Crew.:slight_smile:

I like manning the Mg, finding a good position and spraying death. Unfortunately, that usually makes me a magnet for every enemy soldier around! Now one soldier to back me up would be nice. :slight_smile:

How about a late night session this Friday?
Would be nice to get us all in mob handed one night.

Yes, and how late is late? I need LOTS of beauty sleep, just look at my avatar!

Would have to be after 22.00 for me, dosnt look like theres any interest anyway but i will pop into TS just incase.

I prefer the in game chat for comms due to the fact that everone (non-EGF) can hear you and will probably try to fit-in with the plan.

I map the key to caps-lock.

See yawl tomorrow night then, i’ll get a few beers in. No point in getting shot sober?


I’ve taken the liberty of adding you to our EGF roster Richy hope that’s ok mate


Oh, I was interested, just forgot to reply! I`ll hopefully be on Saturday night (today) too.

My stint blast last night was so crap. Kept mixing up my keys, getting the compass ass-backwards and dying ad-infinitum. Before my reformat I`m sure I was better than this.:confused:

Hi all, I had a blast on Friday night what a turnout, hope we can make this a RO night each friday…:smiley: