Rise of Flight demo in the pipeline


Come to Daddy :slight_smile:


*rubs hands

Lovely Jubbely :slight_smile:

:w00t: the rumors someone started has become true!! looks upwards :slight_smile:

Looking just at the screen shots, it looks like the weather/clouds haven’t been implemented yet. Well at least it will push the quad core at last :slight_smile:

yep, it isn’t without baggage :frowning:

But as you say Swoop, at least it will utilise the latest PC technologies. Quad cores and SLI/CrossX. Upgrade in the works in Brigstock towers, just don’t tell the missus.

Demo - yahoo!:smiley:

(looks forlornly at current rig and curses credit crunch skintness):frowning:

Whats the beef with being ONLINE all the time tho’? Are they having a giraffe?

Why do they possibly need to collect stats etc even if you are mucking about offline against the AI? Is this mistranslation perhaps?

Not to bothered about that and it might change. Hey at least its not ported from a console.

Imagine having a sim we can all fly without a hundred and one mods. Mind you I wonder how many of EAF pilots will fly ROF? Fair few in 19 are interested and it’ll cool to team up with some EAFer again.

Will it be another IL2 ???

Lets hope so :slight_smile:

Changing name to Snoopy_EAF19 :slight_smile:

Weird, I was going to suggest that we have different online callsigns Swoop. We don’t need the same callsigns online as we do in here. We know who we are :slight_smile:

I’m loving reading up about 19 in France all over again with flying on the horizon, it’s getting that much nearer

You won’t want to fly Il-2’s version of 1940 Channel (you think you will but you won’t) :slight_smile: once you’re in a biplane/triplane over the trenches with 64 planes buzzing around. Dogfighting is amazing in WW1 biplanes. They’ve got central very fast servers at neoqb we won’t have to worry about pings or hosting for a bit

You get a cool S/L pennant or pennants btw skipper, fluttering in the wind along with the silk scarf and service revolver, the singing wires. Stop me someone :slight_smile:

Mington Mauleverer
19 Squadron RFC
Vert Galand Aerodrome
9 (Headquarters) Wing
Occupied France :slight_smile:

Ive just found out that its a continuous Online Activation process. Quote:

"3. Do I need an internet connection to play ROF?

Yes, because first of all we are talking about online service, where you can get together with many other people with same interests, where you can get in groups and play against other users or AI and many more.

  1. What kind of copy protection is used in ROF?

User online authorization, which processed in game GUI each time you startup “Rise of Flight”.

  1. Can I play ROF in offline mode?

No, you can’t."

Im sorry, but no matter how much Im into WWI flying I didnt expect Id be chained to online Activation (if the net fails you have to re-activate) all the time. I was hoping for a good Offline mode too. and I dont need to be forced online continuously. This is the way its going with games. Hopefully, SOW will not do the same bull.

Sorry, but I`m out of this one.