Rise of Flight 1.026

Well worth a look even if you have only a passing interest in WW1 aviation.

This version has included updated synchronised weapon features.

The RoF forum has some really interesting info on the evolution of early synchro methods even if WW1 is not your cup of tea.

Off to shoot up a two seater from below now using a ‘pull downable’ lewis gun on my trusty SE5a. Then will try some balloon busting with rockets in my trusty Pup.

Rise of Flight just got an order of magnitude better. And it was good before!



I love my newFoster mount muhaha
Vickers is not shooting, because engine is not running.

Rocketeering balloons is not easy. Have to get in very close. Awesome.


Loving it.

i still find it tricky walking along the wing to light the blue fuse paper for the rockets though;)

That Recoilless Gun on the HP is awesome! If you can hit a barn with it you are good. I just by chance hit a moving truck at 2000 alt totally by chance, but it was awesome to watch the devastation. :slight_smile:

Am I being really thick again ? I got the patch but all my armaments are standard.

Do I have to do something clever to get rockets etc ?

You have to buy the weapon mod packages Phil.


Ahhhh I see, solve the problem by throwing money at it ! thats the way.

Thanks Old Chap.

It’s a controversial business model for teh interwebs :rolleyes:

Well I bought the rockets for the Sopwith Pup and they are’nt showing up !

God why do you mock me !

Why is life so hard…


In the Hangar you have to select the weapons-tab on top where you can also change loadout etc. It has this gun-symbol. The select the rockets and click ok.

Thanks PAF never thought of looking in there :roflmao:

Its nice to know that we have staff that know what they are doing !