I know this sounds a bit silly but I fancied adding a Merlin engine as my ringtone on my new phone but I can’t find an mp3 file for it on the internet. Would anyone have one they could send me?:o

slightly obsessed whizz

Sounds good Bill although the Merlin flyby (usual) wouldn’t have the attack that you’d need for a ringtone and there’s the repeating

What about sampling the BANG!-COUGH! cranking sound of the (generic unfortunately) engine starting in Il-2? Each ring would be just that bang!-cough! so it would sound like the engine not catching right away

A Merlin starting would be ideal, isn’t there a shotgun cartridge going off

20mm cannon no steady on :slight_smile:


Fill yer boots.


This one is particularly good.

Is it a flyby you want? I’ll get some to you tonight if noone obliges beforehand.

There are a huge bunch of Spitfire sounds in your copy of MS FS, inlcuding that cough cough splutter FEEL MY POWER sound. Just remember to ask for permission, of course.

Thanks all, didn’t expect any replies to that one


Hi Keets, those links are just coming up as blank pages:confused:

Hi Whizz,

you mean this one?


The other two links are to wav files from that page. Your PC should fire up whatever you’ve chosen to play wav files. (Media player in my case)

I have a spit mp3 sound as ringtone for the friend group of EAF.
(I have also a good bf109 sound in mp3) both are my elaboration and conversion of .wav sounds. I use a Nokia 6125 and they work fine.

Send me your email…:cool:

Was painting my garden fence today. Then i threw my overalls in the washing machine…with aforementioned new phone still in the pocket. All talk of ringtones etc now slightly superfluous.



Sorry, should be sympathetic :frowning:

lol. I did once add a Merlin engine sound to my mobile from CFS3, but it kinda sounded silly, so I dropped it.

‘Form follows function’ Peacemaker so a tone with attack is required where attention is demanded. A cough, a sneeze, a bang, a buzz, a bell hooter or klaxon. A segment of any of these waveforms without attack feels wrong too somehow without one quite knowing why

Put the engine clip into a waveform processor and crank up the attack of the clip and I think you may find the Merlin ringtone sounding better. As if you’re standing behind an infinite wall (with a plane-sized gap in it yes you at the back) in sound-shadow and the plane goes by with almost a click, a steady sound but with that initial attention-grabbing bit

This is the theory :slight_smile:

But anyway the speaker on a mobile has physical limitations that won’t allow the low frequency characteristics associated with engines. Although the 109 ought to work that’s a whiner :slight_smile:


Thanks Ming. Not really bothered too much about the ringtone now…if anyone has a mobile phone they can send me…

Moral of the story - keep the mobile in the trousers under the overalls…

I’m intending to buy some overalls, and it’s a shame you’ve lost your phone - but at least your example will prevent me from doing the same thing!

Glad to help Dozer, lol.

Hey…got a new phone yesterday (3rd so far this year) Anyone got any ringtones?:smiley:

I’m intending to buy some overalls

He’s a lesbian? Bit of a turnup I thought he just had a cold


Yes Ming, I’m a lesbian. Trapped in a man’s body.

Nah, it’s the gliding. Standing on a damp hillside all through the winter, climbing underneath gliders to do checks and attach winch cables, while wearing the same jeans I use every other day of the week - I can’t be bothered to sort out which are my ‘good’ jeans and which I can get covered with oil and mud, so I’ll spend £12.50 on some overalls instead!

Plus if there’s not some sort of fancy-dress social this year where the overalls would be ideal then I’ll be surprised…

Sorry I was thinking of dungarees. And sensible shoes :slight_smile:


Are Doc Martens ‘sensible’? :smiley: