Rig is dead!

Hi guys. My gaming rig won’t start. I think it must be the PSU. Does anyone have any other ideas?
Not even the lights on the MB are lit when I plug it in. could it be the little 3V battery(CMOS) that’s dead?

I’m no expert, but you could try and dismount the CMOS battery for two minutes, load it back in and see if that works. Perhaps dust is in the way.

Better to test that first than to unrig the PSU. :frowning:

You could try it, but I’d be surprised if it was that. CMOS is just used to store the BIOS settings, the battery keeps it charged. If it fails, your PC would still power on at default settings.

If you don’t have lights on the MB, then there is no power getting to the MB.

Do you have a fuse in your power plugs that you plug into the mains? In the UK we do, check that first. Sometimes there is a small fuse on the MB to protect it, check that as well.

If both are intact - use a multimeter to be sure, I’d start suspecting the PSU. Usually when the blow, there is a strong plastic type smell from the failed component/s. If you can smell that, then I’d say you’ve found the cause.

Do you have a spare PSU you can try?

Thanks Keets. I suspect the PSU, but no electrical smell as I did a normal power down the day before and it failed to start the next day…
We do have the fuse type power cords, but I did try another power cord as well. I’ll check the fuse also.

Thanks for the ideas guys. I need to go and get a new PSU… Any good brands I should look at?

Just installed a new psu for the outlaws, they had a load of smoke coming from the pc prior to it stopping working. I matched it their needs and a small draw and went for a silent 500w.

Could be a fuse if you haven’t had that.