Dear all! I must admit, that EVE Online takes most of my online time. I got rusty and barely vcan take off in Rise of Flight (I still have it on PC installed). I dont see in the observable future that I can be active in Il-2. I request retirement (or other inactive status). I will be back one sunny day :slight_smile:

With most respect,


You were always a pleasure to fly with! And to meetin person too!
hope we’ll keep in touch!

By all means! So please don’t delete me forever. I have no need to the closed parts of the forum (OPSEC is OPSEC :wink: )but I’ll try to show signs of life here in the open part:) IN attachment: me and my co-pilot.

I will put you as retired, but you are always welcome back! I hope we will see you back in the air sometime.

See you Arturo and good luck!


I hope to fly with you some day Arturo.
May Eve online be prosper to you!

Take care old chap.

Hi Arturo! We are still in contact by phone anyway :slight_smile: