"Rescue Dawn"

A Movie based on a true story.
Dieter Dengler, a german who came to america after the second world war to become a pilot (german airforce was forbidden) got shot down in vietnam war.


Seems as there won’t be very much flying (Skyraiders), but maybe worth looking, We’ll see :slight_smile:

Looks interesting!

Whant to see it!

Wow, that wiki on him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieter_dengler is very inspirational, I will have to see the movie.:slight_smile:

I finally saw the movie. Good to see! - Thanks Paf & Osprey
You can easily find it in download in the net :wink:

I alos saw the other movie, still by the same director, Werner Herzog, taken some years before (1997). This is the true story of Dieter Dengler with Dieter Dengler itself, telling its own story. It is probably even better then Rescue Dawn.
You can easily get this also through the net. Just add the magic word “torrent” to the title of the movie in your browser :wink:



Just watched Rescue Dawn, excellent movie. Not so much flying, but good nonetheless. :smiley:

Edited to add: The movie might not be so truthful http://www.rescuedawnthetruth.com/ but see it anyway!

IMHO Little Dieter needs to Fly is better