Replay multiplayer tracks in dcs - how to

Process for converting trk files so you can see external views in replay mode - kindly provided by @Magic Zach
-find the .trk replay
-with the extension enabled (under View settings in File Explorer), change .trk to .miz
-move it to the missions folder
-open DCS, open that mission and change the settings ( button) to enable external views (and ALL units on the f10 map if you want)
-without needing to close and reopen DCS, open .miz, change back to .trk
-open it in DCS’s replay system
-you can view the replay with external views

Philsytle from SOW discord…


I will try it tomorrow with this evening’s track :+1:

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After renaming the file and uploading the mission, DC crashes and I get this error… :astonished: :thinking:

never tried it myself, but i heard that tracks from big servers are prone to errors…
netcode and many players doesn’t help…

So it should work… just mot always…

Yesterday track and Sunday track worked for me…but only for cockpit visual, external at the moment still forbidden. I will retray today.

from SOW discord

I think a lot of guys leave the server and come back between flights to help preserve their Trk files. I’ve noticed a much higher rate of corruption after switching aircraft or repairing. Or even landing.

It could work…or not…
Last movie from a SOW track go well, 1h35min of flyght…only from the cockpit but perfect.
I wil try to implemente external views on same track and redoing movie capture switch inside/outside view and we will see.

video tutorial by Philstyle

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It work, but with longer tracks outside views sometimes become corrupted.