Released...and I got it

It’s here…I can’t believe it… :banana: :banana: :banana:



The big maps must be very beautiful Warlord :slight_smile:

Please use the Map Designer to make Tobruk immediately :slight_smile:

I’ll look for it at Game in Wimbledon later <looks at clock>


The Modtool & Editor is not included. It will be released later on Official Homepage from EA Battlefield2. Maybe this week the Beta will come out.

So we have to wait such little time.

Yes the big Map 64players are great. I don’t know maybe it’s my problem, but there is lot off lagg.
I got a 2MBit cable connection all Ports for BF2 open.


I’m playing the demo in the daytime while I’m at home this week but my duties in the Czech war must come first when comrades are in CW Dispersal :slight_smile:

But just with that little demo map I’m having the time of my life - must get the full version today, too hot to move yesterday and it’s definitely out today. See you chaps in there soon

I had the voice comms turned on the other day. They work fine but I listen and don’t talk - chatline replies :slight_smile: - some idiots were chatting about HL2 while I was trying to get them via hand signals to back me up :slight_smile: Chatting chatting I wanted to find them and cap their arses for misusing military comms lol. Ingame voice-comms don’t seem to do anything bad and squads seem to work very well. Spawning at your squad leader’s point is major goodness, best teamwork ever it can be. Iron-sights wow

I can fly the gunship but do you think that I can get a gunner? Hard work and I’m not taking off without a gunner!

“Gunner needed for gunship. Must be non-smoker and familiar with F keys” :slight_smile:

“We hope that the community will build a WW2 mod” - BF2 developers quote

Yes please :slight_smile:


does it support a 6600 256 AGP?

Got it today, along with my new gfx cards…

First off, the ingame multiplayer browser is the slowest pile of dungheap junk I’ve ever run across. It’s so fucking slow it take like 10 minutes to get the pings updated. Jesus christ on a fucking crutch. Nor can you use your god damn mouse wheel to scroll down the list, like any sane normal )"#/)&#(&#Q(&#(&#(!"&(#&)))&! game.

And when I finally get ping times so I can find a decent server to join, the ***** game won’t connect to a server. No error message or anything, just drops back to the multiplayer list without any explaination after saying “Joining Server” for 2 seconds.

sigh. EA makes Windows look like bugfree programs. I could play MP fine with the demo, and I haven’t changed any of my online settings.

PO’d MadDog.

[edit: Got it working now, for some reason the cdkey didn’t register when I entered it, so I had to run the key proggie in the support directory to enter it again. Buggy /#(#/(]

You know, the more I try to play this game (and try is the correct word), the more impress I am at how totally shitty and untested their multiplayer interface is.

The lag at the server screen makes you think you’re back in 1995, the lack of even something as simple as a mouse-wheel scrolling of the server list takes you back to the late 80s. The fact that with only a couple of hundred servers you can’t even get ping times for half of them is amazing.

These guys should try playing something like Americas Army to get a clue how to do it.

Sigh, wasted 450kr.

Oh bad luck mate - I usually find a server very quickly. There’ll be lots of patches I bet, that interface is diabolical yes

I make notes on the solid servers and I’ve seen a UK clan server that I’m going to investigate - join by IP is best I think but I haven’t tried that yet

Great game - realism wow - where it matters I mean :slight_smile:


Yes Maddog I can understand your dissapointment. At the beginn I have the same probs like you.

Connetction problems, Lagging and so on.

The problem are the ranked servers. I think EA is working on that. And yes the internal browser is very buggy. Lot off people’s (me too) crashes back to desktop without any Error Message.

But after I updated my Punkbuster, I have no more so much problems…don’t sure if this can be a solution. But for me now BF2 works better, not perfect but much more better.

Another solution can be to applicate the filters in browser, so the freezing in the servermenu reduce more. So it’s more fluid.

But yes a Patch is needed.

That’s nothing new, how many games came into the stores and all are Buggy…

For me this Game is funtastic when it works, lot off fun and very tactical when you playit in Squads. This Game I love it…and sometime I hate it…but thats life :smiley:


P.S: If you wish to update your Punkbuster CLICK HERE

Copy the pbweb.exe in your Battlefield2/pb folder and start the pbweb.exe. This will take some minutes to make the update.