registering game guncams

I wonder if there is a way to record what i see while i shoot.

Don’t know if there is some utility that lets you to do so.
Alternatively is possible to use fraps and set the trigger as record button?
So that while i keep gun pressed it records?
Will this drop my framerates? Stutters?
Is it possible to decide the final format and byte lenght for second?

Hope i was clear enough, but have some doubts… :rolleyes:

Map the trigger to a key like Scroll Lock to start FRAPS?

Big big files :slight_smile:


Great idea Jimmi, but OMG it would kill your fps and hard drive!

FRAPs grabs each frame as a screenshot and applys a little bit of compression to it. But, the problem is that while the screenshot is being captured, compressed and stored, the next frame will not be displayed until that is done.

So, pretty much an fps killer. Also, it will grab what you see, not what the gun see’s.

You could use a quick record. You could bind your trigger to the quick record button, but beware of a microstutter as each track starts recording.

Best bet is to record a track of the whole mission (or at least start recording just before combat). There is apparantly a bug, however, that does not let you ‘edit’ small tracks from a large track that you recorded online (THAT is going to piss me off on the next making of a movie!)

Ok will make some test with fraps and see how big the frame drop…
Also where i can find info on how to cut a track?

The great thing about vBulletin is the ‘Search’ works here (compared to ezboard where search sucked, but irrelevant as bugs stole our content :mad: )

Sorry, yer, Jimmi, here ya go:

I’d be interested to know if that technique works for you Jimmi, as mine seems to be bugged :mad:

Do you have to start with the trigger, and stop on release?

If not, record a quick track. I have a button mapped to start/stop recording.

There is a startup delay to quick tracks, so, start recording before you get into combat.

this looks like it would be worth a go as it only records a small section of the screen, it should avoid big FPS hits…

It isn’t just for warbirds as I think one of the guys uses it in WWIIOL

Ok still tweaking it but it works!!!

look here

PS using trackir i see that many times i shoot with the view a little offset…