Red Orchestra Patch News

The first major patch for RO is due for release later today (Thursday) with some fairly major enhancements - details here


This is also the reason for my reduced flying hours lately - I have been beta testing RO as well as doing some stuff for one of the forthcoming mods. This “army liaison” role will carry on for some time, but it’s all contributing to the war effort :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be back flying as soon as the Doc has sorted out my trench foot :roflmao:

Thanks for the heads up PeeGee

  • Reduced the file sizes for game content to improve loading times and reduce ram usage. Total file size reduction of about 80 megabytes.
  • Vehicle and weapon animation packs were split up to reduce file sizes needed to be loaded for each map.

Good, load times can be very long sometimes.

  • Fixed a bug where the panzerfaust hit effects and hit decal were not appearing online.

That explains a bit. :rolleyes:

I haven’t played it so much online (or offline), and haven’t really suffered much from the bugs. My biggest problem is bad visuals at longer distances (hard to make out things), but I guess thats part of the realism.

bad visuals at longer distances

In the original release, HDR Bloom was “on” by default - the patch changes this to “off” by default. There are also a number of people - myself included - who get graphics issues when using AF.

I find that with HDR Bloom = Off and AF = App Pref I get a much “clearer” view that still looks attractive and realistic.