Red Orchestra 2 75% off on Steam!

Buy it while its Hot! :smiley:

It’s free for this weekend on Steam as well. I downloaded last night, though Splash and I couldn’t see any servers to join, even though there were 4000 players online.

The only server I managed to see was when Stuntman joined one and he appeared in the friends server list. Anyone else get this? :?

Negative Keets, But on the Beta Server I saw no Servers on the list. Very fast paced, I still am partial to ARMA cant beat the Track IR and the teamwork on the Insurgency Servers. :slight_smile:

I bought RO2 before it released and played the Beta, not played it for some months now. Really enjoyed it but found it a bit counterstrike like and not as good as the old RO.

Will be trying the updated RO2 next week.

As Os says Arma2 has a lot going for it and i have to try this DayZ everyone is going on about.

They have worked hard on RO2 and listened to what folks wanted…the old classic mode is back, with the new stuff from RO2…its a fun game to play when you use comms :)… on the bright side though, Im currently a closed tester for the new mod Rising Storm { for RO2 }… see here

Meaks, I’ve put 20 hours in to DayZ over the last two weeks, it’s very good if you like that sort of thing. I bought a second license so my lad can play, as he’s the only player I can trust. For me this is a genre changing PC game and is something that has never been done before.

I could not get DayZ working, think i got conflicting mods so i need to tweak.

I am back to BSOD again, its had multiple re formats, been de dusted so i suspect its overheating (fans seem ok).

I think i will get it back ot OCUK and get them to have a good gander at it.

If its an OCUK PC, I’d suspect a poor overclock profile. I was plagued with BSOD’s which were indicating drivers, some of which were, but the main culprit was their overclock.

I redid it myself and my PC has been stable now for 2 months.

Getting DayZ working is easy if you follow the guide, it’s jot compatible with any other mod.

Keets,That DayZ is sort of addicting, don’t ya think? Just had a hoot of a time with a Guy from Russia scavenging the wastelands. Funny when two former enemy’s can team up to kill a bigger threat, the Undead. :slight_smile: Just wish I was working with someone on TS.

It’s very addictive. :slight_smile:

Stay out of Cherno unless it’s dark as its full of new spawners and bandits. Dont carry flares or chem lights at all and only pull the trigger on the zombies as a last resort. I’ve seen newbies being chased by 20 Z’s treating it like L4D.

Be good to team up. I’m just outside Solicheny on the east coast. I was on my way to the next big town up B something, but this is now a busy area by all accounts.

Word of caution this is still an Alpha trial and joining servers is sometimes difficult due to numbers.

Ya, would be nice to Join up with a real friendly. I had one in chat that said he was bored and wanted to team up so I waited on the road to Cherno when he arrived he was wearing the same Sunglasses as the last fellow who shot me. Before you know it he had someone with him in the woods and they Ambushed me.:frowning: Trust no one!:rolleyes: Certainly makes it interesting.:slight_smile:

I usually travel out of sight in the trees. I’ve seen quite a few players, though have only been seen a couple of times. I’ve had an unknown newbie latch on to me for a while. I gave him some ammo and food, showed him how to travel through a town in the daylight then managed to lose him. I didn’t like the thought of an untrusted loaded gun behind me.

Its good fun playing with someone you know, though not without danger. Mini keets accidentally shot me when we got ambushed by zombies in a tool shed. It was a shot to the head, and I died instantly as he was shooting anything that moved. :rolleyes:

I both play RO2 and DayZ with a bunch of guys from another community - as there would be no problem to join them in our fun we could always try and do that. Already we are usually 6 people playing DayZ…but bigger groups wold be fun too. :smiley:

When it comes to RO2, I like it more than what it was during the release - they fixed a ton of issues, especially regarding net and fps. But their group system still is shiat - tanking together is still a tough one to get working. A few new maps are really awesome for infantry, but no new maps for tanks!

Still - I would love if we all could try and get together this weekend, and perhaps join up with the lads I mentioned from the ArmA Wargames community, for some large scale friendly DayZ’ing or RO’ing?

I love the fact that mini keets fragged his own dad :slight_smile:

Right in the swede. It reminded me of AA on Friday’s. :slight_smile:

I got it working bled to death from a zombie and got killed by a bandit grrrrrrrr addictive.

The general tips on the DayZ forum will help you a lot.

First priority is to get off the beach and into some cover.
When moving, stay low and slow. Keep an eye on your visibility and noise. If its daylight, you can crawl past zombies, though if they come across you be prepared to either run or fight.

If you get hurt, you need to get clear and access your gear (G), then right click on a bandage to use it. Similarly with painkillers if you are shaking after being attacked/shot.

Get into the tree line as soon as possible, then workout where in Chernaris you are. When you spawn, it usually tells you in the bottom right.

Second priority is to find food and water. If you log off for any amount of time, time doesn’t stand still and you will be hungry and thirsty. Note: only use water and food when the icons are flashing.

Keets, you forgot one piece of advice. Don’t play hero! Last night I was outside Balota at the Military camp and a friendly was being attacked by a bunch of Zombies so I had just found a AK I had 300 rounds, well lets just say that was not near enough!:eek: I was attacked by at least 20 of the undead, they chowed down on some good Russian grown flesh and now someone has my AK.:frowning: