Red Baron

Not sure if anyone posted this yet but its a great video
Makes me excited about this

that first movie is really good, but I myself rather fly monoplanes :slight_smile:

You might like this Oz, footage filmed by Anthony Fokker, the plane designer, when he toured the forward airfields during the later stages of WWI. Some good footage of MvR and some of the other JG aces. There is a good piece with a group of Aces standing around, all with the Pour Le Merite hanging from their Tunic collars.

I have just finished reading “The Red Baron” by Peter Kilduff. Very good book, using his diary entries and written accounts by his family and peers. Very good detail about his death also, which was just as controversial on the German lines as it is for the Allies. At the time they didn’t believe he had been killed in the air and for many years it was believed he was dragged from his cockpit and killed after he landed.

Real men do it with two or more wings:D
I cant wait.

‘Three Wings For The Red Baron’

Very good, lots about the aerodynamics and engineering


Looks interesting, but still…

My Opinion: too comercial… they could keep out the fictional lovestory and stick to the facts without turning the movie into a documentary. this movie must’ve been meant for Red Baron fans, not for the masses

Might be the case, still will see it if I can.

Great link Brigs, that is one old rare flick, really something to see Goring the Baron and other Aces in their youth. :slight_smile:

Just watched it, Der Rote Baron. Decent but not great. More of a love/war story then a flying movie, had some pretty good flight scenes, though somewhat repetetive, and a lot of “oh, allmost collided in a headon”. A tad slow at parts, but still worth watching.