Recording in Vr

Especially for @EAF51_RomanPolansky and @EAF51_Havebug

What do you use o record VR?
and which settings do you use?

I use Obs Studio

and have to study how to separate audio tracks

Ps also what do you use for editing?
i use davinci resolve

I use the nVidia ShadowPlay. Just maximize the window on main monitor and record the single eye view rendered on screen

you have to install all the geforce experience right?

i don’t like you need to register and it’s bloathware attitude…

exactly, I found that this is the best way to record the gameplay stuttering free.

i don’t record in real time so it doesn’t matter for me, OBS can use new nvenc codec (same one used buy shadowplay, so i use shadowplay because it’s simply easier to use), for editing i use Hitfilm express, it’s alright for a free editing software

yes use that and no stutters at all!

ok in case of need will give it a go!

Da vinci Resolve is free as well and it’s a really workhorse.
(probably a little complex for some casual editing but worth learning if need something professional)

i’ve heard it has a good reputation, i might try that one too, or ill just download a cracked version of adobe premiere

I use Resolve and I simply can’t understand how and why it is free!! :sweat_smile:
Professional and very complete (and complex, if you go beyond simplest things).

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