Rearm and refuel - Cool feature!!

Typing in the chat window <rr100 will rearm and refuel you in 2.5 mins. I just love this feature and it’s very helpful when away from home and at another airfield near the front. Total stop and switched off, canopy open (I had chocks in). A refuelling truck will appear if you’ve got it right.

Not sure if this works when damaged though? Plus you are heavy, does 50 give you half a tank?

Yeah Swoop it’s very cool!!!
Confirm that if you type 50 it gives you half tank.
If you are damaged you cannot rearm and refuel.
In SEOW is activated.

remember to switch fuel off also…

PS sometimes a bug overheat the plane while refuelling…:mad:

And it cannot be damaged, else nothing happens, not even a message indicating it won’t start.

Once I tried refueling and then nothing happened. After 5 minutes, Baz rolled up next to me and implied rather tactically that my left wingtip was missing. Oh really. I landed with no wingtip? :roflmao:

To avoid overheat while refuelling, you have to switch the radiator to 0%

Regular procedure:

  • Switch fuel off
  • Magnetos 1 & 2 off
  • Close radiator
  • Chocks on
  • Open canopy
    <rr plus desired percentage of fuel you want to load

Thanks chaps, very comprehensive.