Realistic gunnery? On or off?

I didn’t fly the 109G2 much after 3.04 but I saw yesterday that the guns on it are better then what I remember of it. :eek:

One time I was in a server with EAF51 one time with realistic gunnery not on. I didn’t know it and so I was very surprised that you can kill both engines of a bomber with a very short fire of the guns of the G2. But later I saw it was the settings :roflmao:

But yesterday I was in a training DF with 4 EAF and I fly also the G2, but I was surprised how quickly the wings of the spitfire break with a short fire of the G2 guns. Also the spitfire is quickly smoking when you hit it with the G2 guns. So my question to Mikke (if he can remember it) was realistic gunnery turned on or off?

And did they changed someting with the G2 guns? Or is the spitfire wings a bit weak?

I’ve never turned it off as far as I can remember, and not all hits where fatal (or almost fatal) like I think they are with it off, but it was a bit strange nonetheless. Almost like we would have had some middle setting, more explosions and cut wings then normal, but not quite as unrealistic as with it off.

Or your shooting was simply better then normal. :wink:

Humm…, Henkie,

I dont share the same opinion m8…, most of the time I burst the Spits with 3 or 4 cannons rounds and the Spit still flying :o Most of the time more then 1 n the same wing . But I cannot say the same to the Spit…, damn cannons…, they are evil.
Maybe my computer, but also de visibility of the spit on the grass was for me a problem…, I lost the spits almost everytime that I climb.



That is why I thought how strange it is…I don’t fire different then before also Mikke. But before in the 109 I must really be hitting other planes like Cassa say, many many times. But this time against the spits it was like realistic gunnery was off again. Or maybe the spitfire wing is weak compare to the russion planes? :frowning:

(But the hispanos are one of the best guns in the game :smiley: )

ah well… :o