real answers from an exam

This is what a colleague mailed to me the other day…:roflmao::roflmao:


Great, brings back memories

hahhaa, great one Gert


So- did he pass?


Loved the elephant! :smiley:

Find x…

here it is -----> x




That guy must have REALLY been attentive on school!:roflmao:

OMG just loved:

There’s an elephant in the way. (WHAT!?:roflmao:)

Find X: Here it is ----------> X. (Aaargh how stupid!:roflmao:)

Some good suggestions for you Stuntman, eh? :smiley:


I must remeber to thank you Gert and Mikke for those “wonderful” answers which I can use under my exam!:stuck_out_tongue:

No problemo M8!!

Just hope your teachers will understand the fun of it;)