Rattle Clatter Boing Bang ..........

and aera conquered…enemy slightly deranged

I dont know what game that is Hiaw, but you got me in the mood, i am now reinstalling Iron Warriors T72 Tank Command:D

Looks like another ‘Red Orchestra’ session coming up…

Target destroyed:D

Ace, that was Red Orchestra, what game is that your playing?
Hey Fellas, there will be a new RO update coming next week looks fairly decent!

My game is Iron Warriors T72 tank command. You start with a T34 then a T55 final you get the T72. Its based on balkans conflict. Very enjoyable

Sounds good, Im total absorbed with RO now maybe when that cools down ill give it a shot. Ace, I know that your a Tanker you need to give RO a go very fun with all the EGF members on TS adds much realisim to the game. :smiley:

I have it but you can play only LAN for multiplayer :frowning:

Is Iron Warriors an expansion pack or does the Balkan conflict game really names that? I thought it was named “T-72 Balkans on fire”

anyway I haven’t the T-72 sim, but it looks very interesting, maybe I’ll buy it, but I have never seen it in the shops though :frowning:

And btw the T-72 rocks :slight_smile:

I have played RO as well, but I don’t like how mostly of the other players play it, or they have a too arcadish and CS-like attitute etc., and the gameplay gets to FPS-stylish or arcadish :frowning:
Some aspects are really good, but some are also to “casual” or unrealistic