RAF Waddington July 6th (Saturday) pics

Great day for an airshow, good company and cracking weather (finally). :cool:

First pass of keepers.

Belgian F-16


BBMF - Lanc/Tornado Dambuster tribute flypast

Avro Vulcan

RAF Typhoon II - Eurofighter

Red Arrows

J29 Tunnan

JAS-37 Viggen

Turkish F-16

Great photos there Keets, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

The Vulcan is making an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this coming Saturday @ 13:00



Dang, I’m at Yeovilton again this year with the Harvard booked into the static park, if anyones heading to Yeovilton then let me know we should meet up for a beer

What date is Yeovilton Classic?

If I’m free I will hop down there

Same day as Goodwood Charlie, poor event management I think

Im jealous! we have no Airshows in the States put on by the Military because of our Governments lack of managing money and the Sequester.http://www.beaufortairshow.com/index.asp :mad:
Nice shots Keets, cant believe the J29 Tunnan can even fly? looks like a Beer can with wings. :slight_smile:

Thanks chaps. I’ll add some more later.

Os, i used to enjoy going to the US airshows over here. Alconbury was a great one. I last went to a US airshow at Mildenhall in the summer of 2001, i could be wrong, but I don’t think there was another US airshow here in the UK after Sept… :frowning: I wish I’d had the hardware I have now at some of those shows.

Very nice shots Keets. Without wishing to sound too “arty farty”, good use of negative space.
I particularly like the first shot of the SAAB J29.

What hardware do you use, and what are you using for post processing?


Agree with you Osprey. One wonder how the Tunnan (barrel in swedish) could fly, not the prettiest of planes. :slight_smile: It was capable though in its time. A good “dogfighter” and held the World record on a 500km track with an average speed of 977 km/h in 1954. A year after the record was beaten by the F-86 Sabre.

Thx Keets for great shots! Seems one have to go to England to see Swedish vintage fighter Aircraft.

Thk’s mate, very good pics!

Great!!! very nice pics!!:wink:

YES Keets thank you for sharing!
The J29 Tunnan in landing is fantastic!

You should know that Tunnan actually means “barrel” so your metaphor is quite right!

What hardware do you use, and what are you using for post processing?

Canon EOS 5D MKII with 100-400mm lens, Photoshop for the usual crop/centre, dust spot removal, resize and slight bit of sharpen to compensate resizing

A few more