RAF ranks are here

Remember please chaps we now have RAF ranks available for our pilots over in AW.

If you look at our squadron page (link here) you can see a mixture of ranks, most of our pilots are still using the USSR ranks, but a few of us have taken advantage of the RAF/Great Britain ranks that are now available. To upgrade to RAF ranks you must go the ‘edit pilot’ link on the page linked here, once you log in your pilot name and password you can select the rank system that you would like to use, IIRC current options are USSR, Poland and Great Britain they are also working on USAAF ranks.

Nope…until Primo Aviere (Airman 1st class) or Tenente Pilota (1st Lieutenant) will be available, I’ll stick to Mladshy Litenant & Co! :roflmao:


(Just joking, my friend…I’ll switch to RAF ranks too, at least for the BoB Map…:wink: )


Italian ranks are also being worked on mate, but you will have to fly blue to use them :frowning: if you have pictures of the ranks perhaps you can help get them implemented faster, see the thread below


I’ve got a nice NATO chart of equivalent RAF-ItalianAF-BundesLuftwaffe ranks, in my old “Air Force Serviceman’s Manual”…:smiley:

But I really think that =BY= people are really too indulgent, listening to the most eccentric requests, and I don’t want to contribute to the general mess…