Radial engines and bearings - How to take care of our P-47s engine (and why there's a throttle-prop connection switch)

Found this very interesting thread, written few months ago on the DCS P-47 dedicated forum, where you can find a general comparison about in-line and radial engines weak spots and, then, a more specific explanation about what can damage our engine bearings on the Jug and how to avoid it.

For those in a hurry, one word for it: windmilling. Windmilling is your enemy. Always keep some power driving the prop, never let the prop drive the engine. Rule of thumb: 1 inch of MP for each 100rpm, at least. 2500rpm? Don’t go below 25" manifold pressure. In steep dives, bring back your prop lever together with the throttle (that’s why there’s an interconnection lever down there! :sweat_smile: )

Reserve yourselves some time to read the full story, it’s very interesting!


Gabriele “Ibanez”

P.S. I can’t tell how much of this is actually modelled in DCS, but engine modelling has turned quite complex and there are reports from users getting engine failures from prolonged, steep dives.