Hi mates!
Just want to know who is also simracing and what sim using.
As you may know from my other post i drive GPL with the 69Mod from time to time, which is great.
Brought me a few days back GTL for 6€ and now doing some turns in the Mini-Cooper:D
Downloaded the rfactor-demo today. All the mods makes it really interesting i think and the sounds seem also quite good. Does someone own rFactor and can tell abit about it? It seems to me its having very much with GTL in commen.

GTR 2 for me all the way, great sim.

I used to race a lot in GT Legends but stopped mainly due to getting GTR2 but i also treated myself to a G25 Wheel and the FF setup for that is poor in GTL, it just doesnt ‘feel’ right.

Love GP Legends but dont have the time these days to keep practicing, its so damn hard in that sim to be quick and stay on the track.

For the same time issues i havent tried rFactor, it does look great but with so many mods it must be a nightmare online finding a game where everyone has the same version.

I’ve got a spare PC that I recently put GTL on, only for the DVD drive to fail and never recover (Starforce!!) so GTL is now consigned to the bin. However GPL has kept me entertained for a few nights recently and I keep meaning to give rFactor a test drive.