Quick first impressions of 3.001

And wow!

Stunning - better view distances, rain effect on canopy in clouds and winter maps less bright and ‘washed out’. Can see targets more easily on crisper snow. A-20 looks like its gonna be a hoot and fantastic to experience the P-39 in VR.

Plus I’m still getting 90FPS in the Rift - what witchcraft is this?

Only very quick look at new SP career but looks extremely detailed with shed-loads of sqns etc to fly and some serious historical research gone into ORBATS etc.

Great work by Jason Williams & 777!

Hallo Falshheart
The new content looks fantastic but the game is microstuttering in a big way.
I had microstutter issues before that were always happening but they are magnified under 3.001 for some reason.
I keep adjusting one setting at a time but with no luck.

Really impressive piece of work. If anyone here does not have BoK I am happy to gift a copy as this has to be seen to be believed.

One piece of bad / good news; the P-39 is really easy to fly. No accidental spins in this iteration and if you do get into one the recovery is very standard.

Sorry to hear that Hayate. I think someone has found a fix from a quick scan of the Il-2BoS forums - something to do with 4K settings?

View distance is a delight so there are hope for level-bombing.
Crosswind at ground-level seems more pronounced.
We are now all able to host a mission :banana:

A delight to handle.
No vicious stalls at landing. Even with a heavy loadout and a high angle of attack at slow speed it is possible to fly the aircraft.
The .50 in the nose is really great and shoot straight.

Is a Fw190 in disguise. Very good turn at high speed. Good guns and cannon.
It does slow speed very well, but it wont do combat.
…and DONT floor the throttle during takeoff…it tends to kill the engine.

Fantastic acceleration and slow turning ability.
Rear visibility have improved a lot.
Dives will make the elevators stiff. I managed to give Apollo a maneuver-kill…twice :frowning:

Its is an ugly yak-1b.

Bf 109G-6
It is an ugly 109!
The 30mm cannon is nice and so are the 13mm HMG’s.
It is better in the zoom due to its engine.

Damn sounds fun! Running as a standalone install, ie not through Steam, and click on start but doesn’t find a patch to install. You can then hit Play and start the game but once logged in it tells me to update to the new version.

Reinstall is over 8GB and very slowwwwww and then set all the controls up again!!

There must be an easier way to update?? Check the forums. There must be some advice there.

When I had a, brief, go on it the visibility was a lot better. The colours were good, I didn’t have a problems with FPS in VR. I’d be happy to fly it but DCS is taking up a lot more of my time, not that I am learning to manage the Viggen and Harrier, with some A-10 action thrown in as well. It’s not quite so easy to just pick up an aircraft as it is in BoX.

I’ll keep trying to join you guys when I can get a day off, but it is likely to be Wednesdays, maybe the odd Thursday.


Ciao Flah!
I tried something but I realized that I reached my limit of comprehension for computers…
Now, instead to play with IL 2, I will go to play charts on a club for old men…:o

Not sure why there are issues - seemed OK to me and I normally get WTFs on some updates.

P-39 engine takes some getting used to. Also on take off do not have the stick back or it climbs very suddenly as the nose-wheel lifts and you end up back at rotation speed.

Wish it had more trim; it seems to want to climb all the time!

The FN is the killer it was in Il-2; not the best across all areas but very good across most and difficult for 109s / 190s to shake once they get close to co-E.

You should create giweaway thread in PUB section, i think there are EAF guys not owning it.
Here it may be difficult to spot your kindness.

I may gift it to a buddy here in hk. He owns DCS and is frustrated with it. I think he’ll like the details in IL2 even though he says he’s a jet guy.

Besides that, here are my impressions.

Great view distance and water effects, both near rivers and lakes. The in cloud effects are neat to have also and you can hide in them as well.

109G6 is a potent bomber killer and doesn’t need the wing cannons to be effective. The Mk108 30mm nose cannon tears off wings and tail with just a few hits. But it won’t turn as an F4, so don’t try it.

La5FN will be a threat to the FW190 as it will catch up, but Still has problems against a well flown 109 as the German can out climb the La5.
Rollrate is better than a FW190 and it can dive at 700 kmh without losing parts. Have yet to try a higher dive speed.

P39L is difficult for me to get a feel for. It’s great vs bombers as it will tear them apart. It seems slow to accelerate and doesn’t like flying slow. I haven’t gotten used to the engine yet perhaps. RPM is different to manage somehow. I will need a bit more time in it for a fair evaluation.

A20 is great so far. I haven’t done any level bombing yet, but it manoeuvres great and is nimble as a fighter.
It had some control flutter that I though was a bug, but it has to do with the upper cowlflaps being open. Just close them and flutter stops.

Enable full screen and 4K textures to get rid of microstutters. At least it worked for me.

Great update and complete product!

I find myself liking the Yak-7b as it feels crisper than the earlier models though a little heavier. View out the back is better than the Yal-1 the 12.7mm cowling guns are very effective. Bit more personality than the 1b.

I find an issue with the P-39 trim, but there is an Il-2 forum thread suggesting that it may be a FFB issue - have not yest tested this. At base, I need fwd stick to keep it level at speed and the kick in the nose from the guns magnifies this, making it easy to miss targets by a few degrees as the nose sails upward at just the wrong time.

The engine is a bit temperamental and seems to enjoy quite a narrow band of optimum operation. You can run it on 55" for quite a while as long as you do not go much above 1,300 RPM (off the top of my head) but 60" and over 1,300 and it gets unhappy very quickly. Also, you need to manage RPM when diving or it dies very quickly. On the plus side, you can play quite loose with both glycol and oil radiators without overheating.

It turns very well 150-250 mph, rolls pretty well and gains a respectable height if zoom-climbed, but then loses out to 109s in a sustained effort. Also becomes less competitive the higher it gets owing to single-speed compressor. On balance, I would rate it behind the -7b and Spitfire V but with a few nice features of its own.

Not flown yet the A-20, but practicing with the G6-U4 the bomber can really move (minus its load). Worth noting that the lower gun position has limited traverse and therefore the A-20 is vulnerable to low / steep-climbing 5 / 7’o’clock approaches.

Overall 3.01 is fantastic. The rain on canopy looks lovely, the viz is great out to 150km, the climbing through overcast then looking down on the clouds feels very real and the new career mode is enjoyable.

Where could I find engine management for P-39 and La5 FN?

Where could I find engine management for P-39 and La5 FN?

If you fly a quick mission, one of the tabs on the map screen selection lists ‘Specifications’ (right hand panel) and gives you rough handling notes.

[QUOTE=Marsh EAF19;228339]If you fly a quick mission, one of the tabs on the map screen selection lists ‘Specifications’ (right hand panel) and gives you rough handling notes.[/QUOT

Thank you but I did not find…

Hang on, I’ll check when I have a minute over lunch :cool:

Thank You!

Just found out that the new patch has been out for a week . When I go to Steam it is not listed for sale. Has anybody heard about that? People are asking for it in the comments section of the announcement.

Hi Bob!
It’s not on Steam yet and i think it won’t be for a while.
But if you own BoS/M from Steam and go purchase it on official il2 store it will still be part of your Steam game BoS/M as expansion.