Questions about VR

Hello everyone!

I am thinking about buying a VR headset to play Il-2 BoX. I know that some of you are using VR for Il-2 so maybe you will help me to make a decision :slight_smile:. If you would like to help please share you answers for the following questions:

  1. What VR headset are you using? Do you recommend it? (I am thinking about new Oculus Quest 2 as it can be also attached to PC).
  2. I know that strong PC is needed for playing in VR. Right now my PC is not powerful, I’ve got GTX 1060 6GB and AMD Ryzen 5 3600 so I am hoping that maybe it will be enough for the beginning to play on low graphics. Can you tell me what are your PC specs and what graphic levels you have and how many FPS in game?
  3. Have you been playing Il-2 on track IR before? Do you find VR better? :slight_smile:
  4. Is playing in VR comfortable? Is resolution good enough (let’s assume your current headset) so eyes aren’t tired easily and you can dive into the world game?
  5. If you have any other suggestions or information around this topic I will be grateful for sharing it.

I think that VR might be a great experiance in Il-2 and may help me in my spacial awareness as in track IR I am getting sometimes a little bit lost.


  1. Using a Samsung Odyssey + and i love it! But now i would recommend the HP Reverb G2 (600 €) for the resolution and lens quality most of the pilots in the hardcore flight community is preoprdeing it and i think it will become a new standard for flight sims. I would avoid the quest 2! I’m biased because i don’t like what facebook is doing with oculus, steering it form high quality VR to a consumer VR where to use a virtual facebook to meet other people…

  2. the CPU is good! You will run fine in Box and may be struggle just a little in DCS (beware EVERY cpu struggles in DCS in comoplex maps/mission). Your GPU is a the bare minimum for a VR experience. You can run a VR but experience will not be great and you’ll want to upgrade it.) (i have a 8core Ryzen 2700x that should be on par with your 3600 in single core speed. and a rtx 2700 - now swapped for a 2800super both card are good for Box in VR. i stay between 45 and 90 fps.)

  3. Vr for me is much better! it’s all about immersion. You feel being there much more. MUCH MORE! Shooting and formation flying and closure control in combat is much better due to the stereoscopic vision. While defensive you are at disadvantage, to check your six you have to fully turn your head and it’s a pain. Also SA is great in forward hemisphere and nil in the back!

  4. I don’t feel much eye strain. While getting used to it many feel nausea or vertigo… First time i felt vertigo on every dive! It was like being on a rollercoaster… Now it’s very very rare feeling that, and i miss it! Then it’s just a personal feeling for comfort, the weight of the vr the pressure around the eyes and the nose etc…

  5. if i were in you i would: PLAN A save for a high end card, a used 2080ti, a rtx 3070 or a new AMD big navi (3070 and new amd cards will be announced at the end of the month) and buy a reverb G2. - As an alternative PLAN B you can buy a cheap used VR (Rift S or Odyssey) and try it with your system, then if your gpu isn’t enough change it, and last if you want more resolution change VR. Imo once you’ll try it you’ll want more and upgrade anyway but you can always resell what you bought…

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Plan A is better, in my opinion…

Thank you guys! Plan A has one main drawback… I will need to wait quite a long time to afford buying this new gpu and I would like to try VR sooner :smiley: . So I am thinking as Jimmy suggested in plan B to buy cheaper VR, try it on my current PC and make it a starting point for my VR experiance and then upgrade if needed/wanted :slight_smile:.