Promotion time!

Congratulations Pax, new S/L of 274 and temporarily also of 310. :w00t:

274 and 310 is presently working jointly, Pax will function as S/L of both, with Thor acting as X/O not only for 310 but also for 274. When the numbers grow again we will separate them once again, but for the time beeing this will be the case.

Drinks in 274/310 mess, but only AFTER tonights training! :smiley:

:ani_beer: :ani_beer: :ani_beer:

Congrats Pax :stuck_out_tongue:

pop into 92 mess when drunk then you can buy us all a beer :rolleyes:

Congrats Pax :smiley:

And good luck to you and Thor Exec’ing the combined 310 and 274

Congrats Pax!:ani_beer: :holiday:

:confused: :smiley:

Congratulations Pax!
I must say its really really nice flying together with 274.
And now having you as SL for our joint squad is just great!
And congrats Thor for beeing now responsible for 247 too! :slight_smile:

And congrats Thor for beeing now responsible for 247 too!

247 LOL easy to do Paf sorry mate :slight_smile:

Sorry Paf well done Pax next time Paf congrats Pax Oooohhhh i’m dizzy :confused:

Congratulations, Pax and Thor - ~S~!
:ani_beer: beer, beer,more beer here…

Congrats Pax

Great News!!!

Well done Pax!!!



Proficiat Pax and Thor! :w00t:

Aww - Mikke, you mean we have to be sober during training :frowning:

Pax, Thor, good on yer, well done :slight_smile:

Damn, why the hell wasn’t i given that promotion!!!

…oh yes, thats right i’m crap!

Suppose you’ll be looking a beer then!

Well Done:)

Salute! Pax and Thor

Small drink is in order then :slight_smile: cheers well done both!


Congrats mates! - Grappa available at EAF51 Officiers Club! :wink:

Well done lads. :ani_beer:


Congrats guys :ani_beer:

Thanks alot guys :slight_smile:

Now for some real beer youre all invited into our pub


Salute! Pax and Thor and congrats :slight_smile:

well done Pax

Many congrats Pax, Thor, 310 and 274 :slight_smile: