Promotion! - Step forward Pilot Officer Neptune

Friends, Romans and Countrymen!

It is with great pleasure and pride I promote Trainee Neptune to Pilot Officer!

Step forward Mr. Neptune!

Before I declare the bar for open I need to remind your shameless pilots to keep your distance and take care due to the corona restrictions.
I hereby declare the bar for open.
Drink plenty since our new member are paying the bill.

Salute Neptune!


A warm welcome for our newcomer!

Barman fill a big bottle for me endlessly!!

Congratulation Michal and welcome officialy into the EAF group!

You’ve been really dedicated and committed in your training stages, for sure EAF has gained a good pilot but the real training is starting now!

Not only you are now an EAF pilot but we will now ask our Commander @Mikke to change your nickname (by your request) to EAF51_Neptune and grant you acces to our tactics and war room in the forum, of course we all hope that one day you’ll bring back the famous 303 squadron nickname!
Welcome also to the black cat family!
Cheers mate!


Congratulations Neptune! Well done and welcome!

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Thanks a lot! That was a couple of months of trainings to get me here, but here I am - P/O Neptune! I’m very happy to be a part of EAF. I have already met here great people. I would also like to thanks all of my training officers with whom I spent many hours training, but most of all having a great time! Thank you guys:
As Cappe wrote the real training is starting now and I know that I still have a lot to learn and I haven’t lost my commitment for that.

Definitely, @Mikke if it’s possible I would like to change my nickname to EAF51_Neptune.

Yeah! Maybe one day the dream will come true! Hurricanes are on the way to be in Il-2 Sturmovik, so the machines will be ready for that soon! :smiley:


Congrats Neptune!
It was a pleasure helping you through training.
Let’s continue what we have been doing these past months.
My job isn’t complete until you outfly me in a 1 vs 1.


Of course! With great pleasure!

@Apollo_EAF331 So, seems like i’ve completed MY training job only one week ago in the last 1vs1 :flushed: :joy: :grimacing:


Yes you did my friend. It was a very good show of turning fortunes.


Well done Neptune, and good choice with 51!! :joy: :joy:

…And ok for Alexander, i don’t like beer… :crazy_face:

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Congratulation !!! :sunglasses:

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Congrats mate! Well done!!!

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Congrats Neptune!

i have changed your nickname to @EAF51_Neptune and given you access to restricted forums!

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Benvenuto in famiglia!
Forse non ci incontreremo mai nei cieli virtuali, (io volo ancora con altri, con il vecchio ma glorioso IL2 1946), ma a prescindere da questo, nel 51° troverai amicizia e fratellanza che dura da 20 anni!

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