Promotion for Redundant

Time for recognition for dedicated service to EAF and 602.

EAF602_Redundant, HQ has approved your promotion to Flying Officer.

Well deserved, Stevie, for your service and for being an excellent example of what it means to be a part of this fine group of friends and pilots.

Bloody good show.

He didnt even have to make a reminder Signature… lol

Congratulations mate

Congratulations mate!:banana:

Extremely well deserved indeed!!!

Pints all round!

PS: Here’s the Hells Angels vid I talked about - must watch for any RoF EAF pilots too!!!

Congratulations mate, and well deserved

Congrats Stevie boy ! :slight_smile:

Well done and well deserved! :slight_smile:
Go ahead with the good job! :cool:

Grattis! :w00t:

Congratulations Redundant. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Redundant :wink:

It is well deserved


Veeeeery well deserved. Congrats Stevie, always good to fly and talk with you, you have what it takes to be a fine EAF pilot :slight_smile:

Proficiat and well deserved :slight_smile:

Well done Red, congrats!


Congratulations mate!:slight_smile:

Thankyou very much for the congrats Gents:D

I,ve got a feeling this is going to cost a few beers in the mess:eek:

Flash, thanks for that link, a good clip to watch
Two things that get me, how did Howard Hughes manage to film a head on collision in 1935 without actually doing it for real:eek:

And whats size of bombs was the HP carrying, 1000lbders:roflmao:

Sporrans as to the siggy thing, dont know how to do it:D


From red to red… congratulation, :smiley:

only now but with enthusiasm! congrats Red!

Congrats mate

Well done Red and well deserved…and yes a Beer


I take the opportunity of being a little closer to Glasgae (I’m in Denmark, presently) to send you even warmer congratulations, Mate!!! :banana: