Pre Order BoB

For those that dont read simhq

Got Got Got IT!

Due for release on 03/11/2006

Wonder what specs?? Still holding off getting anything till I know, any clues??

Highly optimistic date i reckon :smiley:

I’ll bet its rushed out to get it on the shelf by christmas at the publishers orders and soon after christmas we will be getting the first patches :wink: to correct the released to early game.

oleg about specs:
“We don’t have exact system requirements yet. All I can say that system that runs IL2 on the max settings will run BOB on lowest ones.”


Aviaforum: what is the progress of BOB, what stage is it on. When can we get screenshots, videos, ect….?

O.M. Not this year.

from new interview: ubiforum

Thanks Paf, bit worried about that, I was hoping for medium to high settings on my current hardware, TBH if it runs like a dog I will be hard pushed to warrant getting it, is Oleg in league with hardware manufacturers lol :wink:
I really can’t see a market for it if it needs high end hardware to run minimum … I hope he is mistaken :wink:

Not this year … that does not suprise me at all :slight_smile:

Damn true:(:(:(:frowning:

I’m due an upgrade in Feb, until then i’ll probably still be on FB only!:frowning:

Cant see it being out this year myself.

do not worry. Oleg just said it won´t be out this year.