What do you check before starting flying?

Pre flight checks

  1. Close unwanted programs (run booster app?)
  2. Run joystick and controllers software
  3. Run track-ir
  4. Check room illumination and trackir recognition
  5. Run TeamSpeak
  6. Run game and test an offline mission
  7. Check contols in game
  8. Perform radio Check on TeamSpeak

what i’m missing?

what i’m missing?

Turn on computer? :bootyshk:

radiators, even before starting the game!:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

close your wife out of the room! :roflmao:

1- have a tablet with a nice map loaded
2- pen & paper available
3- while in cockpit (engine off), if you do have game levers, move your throttle+radiator+mix+propeller UP & DWN