Planetside 2

I always get a chuckle of how many EAFers play Planetside 2, too bad it would be hard to play as a team cause I cant seem to last any longer than 5 minutes:rolleyes: It is like Crack tho got to get me some more.:smiley:

I was just about to post up and see if anybody wanted to have a go at this for some Friday night ops.

5 mins is five times longer than I lasted in my brief first go!


Might be on tonight about what time? I am around today till bout 3:00est if you want a run? We might be able to stay alive if one of us was a Medic. :slight_smile:

Having a lot of fun with it :slight_smile: Im the engineer who always get killed by the tank he is repairing :rolleyes:

Edit: you can find me in the Ceres server, nick: NeperianoEU.

Which team are you? I don’t know this game, but screenshoot are amazing. Is it fps?

Yes Luft, FPS and I am on the Blue team make sure you Download it, its free! :slight_smile: I have been having a blast as the light Infantry I just love flying around with the rocket boosters. Earning the Station Credits to buy improvements is a good feature, I have some kewl gear now I’m finally killing someone(Beside myself:rolleyes:)

Blue team…is that the Vanu something? Thats where I am too.
My first MMO and its very good, lots of different ways to play. And you need team support to win, which is always nice.