Pilot Error, Procedure Error or Bug ?

In last night’s SoW I had a number of difficulties and am not sure of the causes. As a trainee I spawned in at an open field Shoreham in a Spit 1a 100oct. The spawn point was at the wrong end of the runway so to save time I tried t/o downwind and after progressive throttle to 6 boost but before reaching flight speed experienced some rolling which I could not control with ailerons (a/c was trimmed 1 notch n/d and rudder 2-3 clicks right). Both wingtips touched ground and I aborted t/o. Re-spawned and taxied to correct threshold and crashed on t/o. Managed to get airborne with some difficulty on 3rd attempt. Noted bomb craters near threshold. After some passes on a He111, checked damage window and noticed that prop blades, main engine air inlet (pitot ?) and wing tips listed as damaged even though I managed to trim out OK and fly without vibration or o/h. Landed and quit a/c as damaged. When trying to re-spawn at open airfields later in the session, I noticed that even before taxiing each a/c showed the same damage as listed above, so each time I quit the a/c and tried to find an undamaged a/c. Soon I used up the available a/c.
Was this a bug in my damage window or were a/c really damaged ? Later in the game I o/h on the grnd waiting too long to t/o and this did show up in the window, as did a fault with u/c locking on landing after contact with another He111. Any advice appreciated.

Sounds like we need to work on the settings for your text windows. There is a timeout setting in the control which means the message will disappear after a short delay. Most of mine are set to five seconds as I don’t like having a lot of text on my screen. I keep it to the absolute minimum.

So it is likely that the other aircraft were fine.

Thanks OD i’ll check my timeout settings.

Lol…I turned all the information panels off, no indication of anything except who comes and goes on the server.