Pierre Clostermann

Yesterday the ace French Pierre Clostermann is dead!:frowning:

Good Flight Pierre!

Salute! to a great pilot and author!

Sad news, but he will be remembered as one of the truly great WW2 pilots and authors. Also for always showing respect and friendship to his former enemies.

Have a safe last flight, Pierre CLostermann!

Salute! :frowning:

He was my mentor to history of WWII flight, until when I was a child. I read first time his book in the late '60 and now I am reading the same book for the 127th time…

Salute Sir!

Can your “Le Grand Charles” fly high.

Rest in peace Pierre



Rest in Peace Pierre

Sad news indeed, especially so for 602

Yes, another of my boyhood heros gone. Very sad.

But what a life!!!

Sad news, may he rest in peace.

The Big Show was the first book I read about a real RAF pilot’s experiences in WW2 :frowning:

Same here, one of the first books I read. A great man and pilot.

Rest in Peace.

Now he met again all his friends: they are flying forever in the skyes.

Sad news!

I still have vivid memories of many excerpts from his book.

Do you remember when he was supposed to fly over Holland to test/calibrate radars? The description he gave of that dusk at high alt was incredible!
I hope he’s over there still flyin with joy!

Salute! Pierre Clostermann

Salute! :frowning:

I’m on the last few pages of this book after getting it at Christmas and I’ve been savouring each page most nights before bed. Its feel really reminded me of some of the war stories we write about in here, then I think those bullets were for real. He was so close to getting the chop on that massive air show at the end of the War, his wingman Peter wasn’t so lucky. Hope he meets all his good friend up there and has a great party. A brave and loyal Frenchman and I hope he had a peaceful life after the War, rest in peace Pierre.