Pictures from Southport Airshow 2007

Here’s my contribution, a day marred by a faulty 300mm lens that kept giving me an error “99 message”

So these shots were hard won ! wrestling with the bloody thing all day.

Canon 400D Canon 75 300mm IS Lens (which nearly got thrown in the sea)

Really like Number 3 Phil:banana:

LOL I thought that was the worst one in terms of quality

It just goes to show, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It just looks great at a glance, It’s the first one that i paused at. It could be lightened slightly, but that would spoil it.

Nice Spit and Hurri shots Phil!

Lovely shots Phil m8

My faves are 6 and 11.

I always have a hard time with jets and the smaller helicopters but you seem to do very well indeed!

Great pics, Phil!

I love the pics with the Spit’s and Hurri’s!:slight_smile:

The Jets are awesome as well.

In other words, you are a great photographer! Amazing you have that good quality on those jets!

okay, i know why i like it:
It has impact. The smoke is parallel and they are silhouetted against the sky.

(I know you weren’t sleeping right because you didn’t know why i liked it, so rest easy!):roflmao: