Pics from Duxford

Few pics from Duxford guys!!!

Thanks alot Wwolf! Supa pics!

Great Wwwolf!

I love all the sneaky pics you got of the EAF’ers, and I’m glad you made me look much better than Richy, though that isn’t saying much :roflmao:

Wwwolf, can I use some of these group pictures in an EAF movie, please?

Sure Joe!! you do not have to ask

Thanks for posting, lots of pics of EAF faces, which i think i neglect to take as i always have my lens pointing toward the planes. Its nice to see everyone there.

Oh and how much for that photo of me screwing up my face? How many copies? Oh i’d like every copy of it and the original as well :stuck_out_tongue:


the mine are here

I’ve post only the best

Nice pictures! While I do enjoy all the plane pictures, it’s really nice to see some faces too. :slight_smile:

As soon as I recover, I’ll edit my 30 minutes’ Video…:banana: