I have a macwhite plugin for photoshop (white remover) and i dont know were to put it:( If any one can help, or tell me what remove white plugin they use and where to put it.


I’ve used “removewhitetool” which I’ve attached.

I can’t remember where specifically it goes, but if you browse the photoshop folders look for the .8bf files.

Instructions are:

  1. Change the Image Mode to RGB not Index. Then duplicate the original Void Layer.

  2. Add a Transparent Layer between the two.

  3. Uncheck the original void layer so it is not visible.

  4. Select the duplicate layer for “painting”.

  5. Go to filters and choose the Remove White Filter.

  6. And boom! That should leave you a transparent background with only the panel-lines, rivets and misc. textures.

You can also do something similar without the plugin:

Go under your adjustments submenu and find “Curves”

There will be an icon there with an eyedropper that looks like it’s picking up white paint.
This is the “Define White Point” tool.

Select the color you want to be void.

That color now becomes white…as if nothing is there.

Hope this helps.

I prefer PSP over photoshop so I can only comment on how PSP works. But…I tried out the MAC white plugin for PSP, it goes into the plugin folder and is selected via one of the standard toolbar’s drop downs. However I never got on with it because it doesn’t remove white, it makes white transparent. Whic is no good for what I wanted it for. In the past I’ve manually removed the white using the colour wand to better effect. But for a long while now I just create a new layer tracing new lines over the void to create nice clean lines.

The magic wand in PSP set for selecting non-contiguous areas is great for removing one or a range of colours. But like Brigstock, I always end up starting from scratch now. And a long old job it is…one rivet…two rivets…three rivets… :eek: