Personal statement for "Snake"

Hi. Guys.
Just want to paste a picture of me, so You can see, a little of how I look.
One thing… A Good Friend took that pic. and He, named it,

Not Knowing I have used that name on HL, before.
Guess, It was just a “fluke,accident” I can’t see any resemblance, can You? :slight_smile:

Seems I can’t see that Picture in here (But You can hopfully?) see that Pic. in the Memberlist.

(OBS. Not the same Pic. as the one to the top left in here :slight_smile:

TY. “Crash” and “Zhibbhi” for the Help!

Snake :slight_smile:

Esnips requires a login to view images.

hehe, ok. We had some problems yesterday with that image uploading…