Anyone have a simpe to use PERL program available?

I need to run some PERL scripts but cannot find a simple to use download anywhere. I tried a download from but everytime I get the .rar it comes down corrupted.


Go to CPAN -

They have binary distributions for most platforms.

should have added that you need to look at something like activeperl… which is linked from the builds at CPAN.

Or if you prefer windows there is nothing better than perl from

Thanks guys, will give them a try

Found Indigo perl through your link Keets thats the one I used back in EIF days. I tried activeperl first but again got a corrupt download.

All sorted now, thanks all.

I tried activeperl first but again got a corrupt download.

It’s a blessing really isn’t it. The universe is trying to tell you something :slight_smile:


The universe is trying to tell you that there is something wrong on your side. From Activestate I download very often not only perl but TCL and other developers tools and everytime it is OK.

No I meant that Perl is very difficult Georgie.

Like the hamburger makes us fat, so if the hamburger is unavailable this is perhaps a good thing for healthy body.

But it is not a good thing I think, if I want the hamburger. Conflict of emotions, good/bad. The English humour :slight_smile:

“I cannot buy brandy the store is closed!”

“Good” (you cannot drink damaging alcohol)


“Bad!” (you are thirsty for strong alcohol)

We like this being in two states of mind at the same time, it is amusing to us

I must explain like this to Jirka, he thinks I said something bad about ActivePerl… no Jirka.


Perl is very difficult

Not compared with the minister for entertainment - operator of the purchases radar. :slight_smile:

And the Leaning Toothpicks Trophy goes to Keets! :holiday: