PC to Android datalink


A combination of a program running on the PC - Cloddatalink - sending the data over wifi , and a program running on your Android tablet - Bf109 / Fw190 Instruments - receiving and displaying the data. There are gauges for planes in DCS (109 and 190) and IL-2 CLOD (109 and Spit). It works here, but a Nexus 7 is a bit to small for this. The compass is showing the right direction, so no more drunk British compass for me.

As I understand, it is not as flexible as the program that was available for IL-2 1946 years ago, where you could add and remove gauges from a set available gauges. Not so here. And there are only a few gauges in the fixed set.

ATAG tools and utilities forum:

Anybody with a 10 inch tablet that can report back?


a lot of 51 uses it!
here is the guide (in italian) by Siggy our Chief Virtual Cokpit Crew!

I am not talking about VirtualCockpit, but Cloddatalink. I have to revisit VirtualCockpit. I do not remember why I could not use that. A lot of text by Siggy, lets see how it translates.

A working compass?! Now that would be something! :smiley:
As it is I’ve totally given up on trying to remember to set my gyro compass every time I start up, and simply naviguess by using the suns position and (more so) reading the landmarks etc.

+1 for the compass. Quick glance oil temp gauge is quite handy as well. Can the water temp gauge be added?

The water temp is much more important than the oil in almost all overheating and combat cases. Would be great to have that added too!

Unfortunately I don’t have any androids (no pun intended).

Siggy’s solution works with external monitors also and has all the dials!

My boy wanted a laptop, he nearly had the cash saved up but was a little short. So I offered to buy his Ipad off of him to make up the cash for the laptop.
I finally found a use for an IPad 1

I have this displaying to my Ipad via IDisplay. Ran into a few issues using it with my game PC, but managed to get good results running it in server client mode from a spare PC I have (wifes work PC :wink: )

Most important is the DG and MC, everything else is a bonus

If you have any wishes you should jump into the forum thread at ATAG. I use the variometer (rate of climb/descent) all the time, and the temperature gauges. But it seems that a more open and flexible approach was not programmed. So beg, plead and whatever.

To Brigstock:
Did iDisplay involve streaming video? That is hard. And is the current solution a data link and then streaming video?

Not sure of the protocol, there are a few apps that enable the iPad as a second monitor. Idisplay is the only one that supports the 1st gen iPad. Idisplay send the display signal over your WiFi. Best option is Duet, which uses usb, but you need ios7 and above. There are similar apps for android. IMO virtualcockpit is the better solution, its user configurable.