Patch 4.12 Delay

we were waiting for this really good patch for months but now i saw this admin post:

[i]Just like to inform you, that our development forum, which already had repeatly some problems in the last months, now was hacked and is down. I don’t know the status, as I don’t have direct contact with the forum hoster. I hope, our discussions were backed up, many information in there would be lost.

However, files are save elsewhere - its ‘only’ the communication and organisation, that is now paused and the patch release got another heavy delay.

I’m sorry!

Team Daidalos[/i]

DAMN!!! :mad:

Casper added on the 23rd of April:
Yep, its up again and we can go on. We’ve learned and we are prepared. Next time, it will mean no such delay. I don’t hope there will be a next time though.

Well I am waiting for the AI spawning off the field and taxiing to the runway. Going to try that in the mission editor.

Yeah, I’m really quiet excited by this patch.

Taxiing ai aircraft to take-off will be great.