Patch 3.02b

Read the readme info to see which version you want!


Thanks Whiskey!



I’m going to wait for a while…

Kinda doesnt work for me ATM … just trying to determine what I have done wrong …

Yes … original dll in place and cd in drive :wink:

Edit yep thats what I got keets :slight_smile:

But its 'cos no-one read the destructions (moi ? read destructions … :D)
Apparently you need to install 302b common then the 302 merged …

but missing skins on planes etc … so not much good for me :wink:

Pity, as it was running faster, mind you I didnt like the water at all … looked like it was being refreshed much slower for ripple effect.

301 original still my preference :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought I was impatient but now I’m re-evaluating that idea. I think I’ll just pass meantime. :rolleyes:

OK folks just to clarify and as a sanity check for me:

  1. Run the 302b common exe first.
  2. Run the 302bm next(for Merged FB+AEP+PF of course)

Who’s going to be first then? :smiley:


PS. Flowbee - can you shave 50pixels of one side of your sig - you’re making the place look untidy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t resist. Works fine here - no noticeable perfomance gains. Haven’t seen the new dots yet.


LOL didn’t realise it was available without the new exe … but seem to be suffering microstutters were i didnt have before … and water looks less 3d to me … i pprefer the previous one … waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :stuck_out_tongue:

“You didn’t give me ten minutes warning!” :slight_smile:

Good fun and flying patched up, thanks Keets for hosting and sorry Majik I got disoriented by the dark sea in Hiawatha’s carrier attack mission modified by Keets. Yes Keets caused our deaths Majik if only indirectly :slight_smile:

And I thought I was at 100 metres in the turn oops :slight_smile:

Will cover the airfield next time I was enjoying being heroic. You too :slight_smile:


Yes great fun as per usual :smiley:
I have discovered that 16 is still too much for my connection to host, but I can do 12 perfectly well, so thats something :slight_smile:
Fixed the stutter in the new patch (don’t ask, suffice to say user error :o).

On another “Majik you are a plank” note, I was moaning about the water looking to flat now … I found out why … somehow the game had reset to excellent mode, ah a quick mouse click or two and Majik is a happy bunny again …

2 user errors in one night … begining to behave like one of my customers :eek:

I’m trying to interest Paul in helping us design 8v8 campaigns with DCG3.0

I already tried it at work and got ‘…is not an integer’ errors :mad:

Maybe we should pool our knowledge on how to get a stable online DCG campaign going so I’ll start with Paul and Tailspin. Shout if you know anything useful please :slight_smile:


Everybody is talking about 3.02b, but i have 3.02bm.

Is that a bad thing.:confused:

Not at all Jaws. 3.02bm is the 3.02b for the 'm’erged version. Which is what most people are using it seems.