P/O Vasek, one step forward!

It is my honor to announce, that Vasek is promoted to the Pilot Officer of 310/322 Sqdn!:w00t:
Tonight he showed excellent spirit and AH, scoring 2 air victories:)
Letu zdar, P/O Vasek!
And - beer!! (Pegas for me, please):ani_beer::ani_beer:

Pivo for me



Congrats Vasek.

Well done mate.:ani_beer:


Yes, congratulations Vasek.

A Palm for me.

Again congratulations from me! :smiley:

Congrats Vasek

Well done Vasek :slight_smile: Congratulations :slight_smile:

Very well deserved, Congrats Vasek!!

Congrats Vasek :banana: :w00t:

Congrats, Vasek:):):banana::ani_beer:

Thank you very much guys, Im so glad I finally made it :banana:

I have two Pilsner biers in my fridge, so who is faster…:slight_smile:

PS: Whats Pegas, Arturo? An estonian bier? :slight_smile:

Congrats mate :slight_smile:

I hope we get to fly together again soon.


Congrats mate! Well done! :slight_smile:
Grolsch here pls!

No, Pegas from Brno :wink: - Czech bier:ani_beer:

Wel done Vasek!

Congrats Vasek. :ani_beer:

Přivítán, Vasek!!! :w00t:

congrats vasek, well deserved mate

Grattis Vasek! :slight_smile:

Congrats Vasek well done mate